America needs to move on from Trump, and that means a return to normalcy: Opinion

With the specter of Trump still looming large over the Republican Party, the midterms finally showed us what life without Trump can look like. 

By Patricia Joanne, FWD News Contributor
3:45 PM EST, Tuesday December 6, 2022

The value of “civility in the streets” is a concept that goes back to the times of the Roman Republic. In this era of post Trump America, returning to civility here in America seems about as likely as a time machine ride back to Ancient Rome.

But as a mother and grandmother, I long for the days when our leaders had character and integrity. They may not have been perfect people, but they put the good of the country over power and political gain. I think President Biden is the closest we have to that ideal. As an octogenarian, he often finds himself the butt of jokes or questions about his age. But he harkens back to a time when compromise was the language of Washington D.C. While politics used to be an orchestrated dance, today, it’s more of a circus.

I long for the days when our leaders had empathy and treated each other with respect. Even if we disagreed about policy, or its rational, at the end of the day you didn’t question a political leader’s motives or their sanity.

Today, the Republican Party has descended into a rat race for who can be the most outlandish, the most stupid, and the most corrupt.


Now more than ever we need to remind our children to be kind and to be good people. Our leaders may not necessarily be good role models, and perhaps they don’t need to be. But they should at least not be batshit crazy. Is that too much to ask?


Photo by Ben Gingell, Shutterstock.

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