I don’t miss the impending doom of the Trump years: Opinion

With the possibility of another Trump presidency hanging over our heads like a cloud, it’s nice to take a deep breath and appreciate how good we have it for the moment.

By Patricia Joanne, FWD News Contributor
9:44 AM EST, Tuesday December 20, 2022

It’s been a couple of months after President Biden’s first 1000 days in office and yet the Ghost of presidents past still looms large. The ominous shadow runs as crimson as the former First Lady’s choice in Christmas trees. While the sun currently shines bright over Pennsylvania Avenue, as it did over the recent joyous celebration at the White House for the signing of the Respect for Marriage Act, the dark cloud of 2016 still seems too close in recent memory for comfort.

My biggest memory during the Trump presidency was the feeling of daily impending doom.  My biggest fear was his inexperience and crazy rhetoric would propel us into World War III. I remember worrying about his dealings with foreign leaders asking myself “What did he say now??” Not only was my fear due to his inability to lead, but because of the unqualified misfits he had at the head of our government.

My fear did not go totally unrealized: rather than start World War III, his early denial and weak response plunged us head first into a major pandemic. The deaths of which were catastrophic. I stared incredulously when he suggested injecting bleach as a treatment.

Eventually, when he lost the 2020 election I cried. I cried because a Joe Biden presidency  promised to bring normalcy back to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave…The malignancy growing on our country was finally being removed.

I am grateful we are spared of that doom. I am glad for the knowledge and feeling that a normal even tempered good man and his spouse have taken the helm of leadership.

Of course, all of that could go away with a snap if a certain someone is reelected again. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen. I am not sure the world can survive it.


Photo: Shutterstock, Evan El-Amin.

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