EXPELL-ISH! Republicans Protect Embattled George Santos From Being Expelled From Congress While Top Staffer Resigns

On Wednesday, Democrats in the House of Representatives tried to utilize procedural pressure from the minority party to get a vote on Santos’ expulsion from the House.

A 13-count federal indictment charging Representative George Santos of New York with wire fraud, illicit financial activities, embezzling public funds, and making false financial reports was released last week. He was released on a $500,000 bond.

Republican lawmakers voted 221 to 204 along party lines to bring the expulsion resolution against Mr. Santos to the House Ethics Committee, which has been looking into Mr. Santos’s finances and political activities for months, rather than to the full Congress. Since the House needed a two-thirds supermajority to approve legislation, the bill had little chance of passing there. Delaying the vote allowed House Republicans to avoid having to take a stand on Mr. Santos’s actions, but it might also be interpreted as tacit support for Mr. Santos’s remaining a member in Congress despite his ongoing ethical and legal problems.

At the same time, while the vote was taking place in the House of Representatives, the embattled Congressman from New York got notice that he had lost his communications director.

Naysa Woomer, a well-known Republican strategist, announced her resignation in an email, Scripps News reported.

“With respect for my colleagues, the people of New York, and most importantly, myself, I am honored to tender my resignation.” Unfortunately, you never took one point of professional advice given. Woomer wrote.

Woomer had previously worked for top Republican officials such as Charlie Baker, the Governor of Massachusetts, and members of Congress Ryan Costello, Thomas Massi, and Tim Huelskamp.

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