Second-highest Republican in Senate sets GOP 2024 race on fire by endorsing Scott for President against Trump

The second-ranking Republican in the Senate, Senator John Thune, is endorsing Senator Tim Scott for president. Scott will officially announce his candidacy for president on Monday in North Charleston, South Carolina.

Scott has already started an advertising blitz. The senator from South Dakota will attend Scott’s presidential launch.

The Senate minority whip is the highest-ranking Republican in Congress to support Scott, who is a senator from South Carolina. And he joins fellow South Dakota senator Mike Rounds in endorsing Scott, who is well-liked by Senate Republicans.

In November, Thune acknowledged that it is obvious that focusing on relitigating the 2020 election is not a winning strategy and made it clear that he did not believe former president Donald Trump’s style was good for the party.

Scott might garner additional Senate support in the weeks ahead thanks to his conservative rhetorical throwback and upbeat attitude, particularly from Republicans looking for an alternative candidate to Donald Trump.

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