Democrat Raphael Warnock WINS another term in the Senate

Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) has won the Georgia runoff against Republican Herschel Walker and secured his reelection to a full term.

By Joseph Gallina, FWD News
10:46 AM EST, Wednesday December 7, 2022

Democrat Raphael Warnock once again defied early expectations of a red wave and has won his reelection campaign against Republican Herschel Walker.

Walker’s victory is a significant one – it propels Democrat’s Senate majority to 51-49, thus ending the need for Vice President Kamala Harris to break ties. The number will also make it procedurally easier for Democrats to approve judicial nominations.

The campaign was steadily in the national news, namely because of scandals that saddled Republican Herschel Walker’s campaign. From derision he faced for displaying a fake badge at a debate, to allegations of family trouble, paid abortions, and false claims, Walker was no stranger to making the news for the wrong reasons.

Raphael Warnock ran a tighter campaign and often invoked stories of his 82-year-old mother, who he often recounted “used to pick somebody else’s cotton.” In his victory speech Tuesday evening, he added, “now she’s picked her son as senator.”


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