Florida GOP Lawmaker and Former Party Chair Introduces Bill to Eliminate the Democratic Party from Existence

By Joseph Anthony, FWD News
3:39 PM EST, February 28, 2023

(FWD) – Florida State Sen. Blaise Ingoglia has sponsored the “Ultimate Cancel Act,” which would eliminate all political parties that ever used slavery in its platform, anytime in history.

The Democratic Party once incorporated slavery into its platform before the Civil War. Southern Democrats supported slavery in all territories during the Civil War, while Northern Democrats argued that it should be decided by popular vote. This caused the party to split.

The Civil Rights Act was signed by Lyndon Johnson, a Southern Democratic president, a century later.

Though it isn’t specifically specified in the law, Ingoglia said his goal is the “Democratic Party.”

“For years now, leftist activists have been trying to “cancel” people and companies for things they have said or done in the past. This includes the removal of statues and memorials and the renaming of buildings. “Using this standard, it would be hypocritical not to cancel the Democratic Party itself for the same reason.” Ingoglia said

“Some people want to have uncomfortable conversations” about certain subjects. “Let’s have those conversations.” He added.

The bill, SB 1248, would remove voters’ Democratic Party affiliation and either switch them to no party or allow the option of choosing another party.

Ingoglia also served as the chairman of the Republican Party of Florida, a position he held from 2015 until 2019.


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