Former Marco Rubio Staffer: Trump dined with NAZIS – Republicans OWN IT “until we purge it.”

Trump’s dinner dalliance with Kanye West and White Nationalist Nick Fuentes has created a shockwave inside the GOP, and voices against the former president are growing louder within the party.

By Joseph Gallina, FWD News
9:49 AM EST, Sunday December 5, 2022

FWD – On Saturday, Former Rubio Senate staffer Gregg Nunziata took to Twitter to call on Republicans to “purge” Donald Trump after the former president met with White Nationalist Nick Fuentes and Kanye West and later suggested to bypass the U.S. Constitution to return him to power.

“Former president, current candidate, likely gop front runner, this week dined with a Nazi and called for the dissolution of the u.s. constitution,” Nunziata wrote. “Sorry, gop electeds, I know you don’t want to be asked about this all the time, but we own it until we purge it.”

Nunziata has previously contributed to the New York Post. According to his profile, he “is a lawyer in Washington, DC, who previously served as chief nominations counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee.”


Photo by Evan El-Amin, Shutterstock.

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