Liz Cheney SLAMS Donald Trump as “an enemy of the Constitution.”

Liz Cheney not only threw a barb at Donald Trump, but also leveled a subtle dig at Republicans who still support him.

By Joseph Gallina, FWD News
8:43 PM EST, Monday December 5, 2022

FWD – Liz Cheney leveled one of her strongest rebukes of Donald Trump Sunday afternoon, after he suggested the Constitution be suspended so he could be reinstated as president and a new election be held.

“Donald Trump believes we should terminate ‘all rules, regulations and articles, even those found in the Constitution’ to overturn the 2020 election,” Cheney wrote on Twitter Sunday afternoon. “That was his view on 1/6 and remains his view today. No honest person can now deny that Trump is an enemy of the Constitution.”

Cheney is no stranger to criticizing Donald Trump and has vowed to focus on making sure Donald Trump and other election deniers lose elections.


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