TRUMP’S TOAST! Mar-a-Lago employee is a confidential cooperating witness in DOJ probe of Trump’s handling of classified material.

Federal prosecutors have secured the confidential cooperation of a person who worked for former President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago as part of the ongoing investigation to determine if Mr. Trump directed the removal of boxes holding highly sensitive classified documents from a storage facility there while the federal authorities attempted to recover them in the previous year.

The Justice Department is diligently trying to piece together a more complete picture of how the documents Mr. Trump took from the White House were kept, who had access to them, how the Mar-a-Lago security camera system works, and what Mr. Trump told staff members and his attorneys about the documents he had and where they were.

The emergence of a confidential insider witness could be a key development in the inquiry, as the witness gave investigators a photo of the storage space where the material had been kept, as per a new report by the New York Times.

The question of whether former President Trump attempted to hide certain materials after the Justice Department issued a subpoena last May demanding their return is at the focus of the investigation led by special counsel Jack Smith.

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